The National Financial Educators Council recently reported on the results from an online study with 2,409 participants across the United States posing a central question "What high school-level course would benefit your life the most?". The top response across age groups was money management.

survey results of which high school level course would benefit your life the most

Respondents over 35 years old felt more strongly about the necessity of development money management insights earlier in life with 55+% of them across cells ranking money management as #1 whereas only ~51% of respondents 18-34 having ranked it #1.

The study results speak to the ongoing importance of developing strong awareness of the value and utility of money - and everything related such as planning, budgeting, savings, investing - earlier in life so that the benefits of that knowledge can help individuals blaze stronger trails towards financial awareness and independence.

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The NFEC Young Adults Financial Literacy Survey