Recent data from the Online Learning Consortium shows that online learning is finally mainstreaming with 5.8M students enrolled in one or more online courses and 77% of students reporting that technology increases engagement with course materials.  Perhaps not a surprise now that we're into our third decade on the internet that 90% of students find online learning to be similar or better than a traditional classroom experience.  94% of University CIO's agree that digital learning resources can improve learning outcomes and 87% find online learning providing a richer experience vis-a-vis traditional print materials. So where is the resistance to the accelerating movement online?  It's faculty, but it's not for lack of intent or desire, it's more about a lack of support and assistance moving online.
  • 85% of faculty have very little experience with digital learning materials and open educational resources (OER)
  • 71% of faculty would adopt digital / OER materials if they are of high quality and improve affordability for their students
This is exactly where Junction is positioned to help.  We work with instructors to facilitate the shift toward digital resources and high-quality, peer-reviewed, tested and vetted OER seamlessly integrated into an easy-to-use teaching and learning platform.  Drop us a line, we've helped instructors at dozens of institutions make the move to digital and OER and would be happy to assist you and your faculty as well.
That may be why by the Fall of 2018, it's predicted that 48% of materials will be primarily digital
We'll get you there with a fair price for your students and a superior experience for both instructors and students. 2016 Online Learning Imperative Infographic