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What is Junction?

Complete Course Materials

A complete set of course materials - built around how today’s students learn and fully integrated with your LMS

Engaging Video

79% of students look for video when studying.  Junction courses include high-quality video introductions supported by in-depth text, quizzes, activities, discussions and more.

Modular and Editable

Point and click editing. Start with one of our off-the-shelf courses, or build your own.

Real-Time Updates

A dynamic platform that allows you to incorporate and update materials in real-time

What people are saying…

"I absolutely love this application! Junction is great for all students because it includes features for all different learning styles. I believe this application displays all the information a textbook would, but in a more enjoyable way." Courtney

Student, Rowan University

"This was the best reaction I have ever had from a class. They LOVE this course and they love Junction Education. They specifically said this is light years better than our LMS." Dr. Ed Weis

Dean, Mercy College

"The purpose of this reply is to tell you I THINK YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! For any problem or issue that has come up you have given quick, efficient, and pleasant assistance. I'm glad to know you are on the other end." Cynthia Crisel

Professor, Arkansas State University

Why Junction?


Saves Time

Our subject matter experts take the best videos, readings, activities, quizzes and more saving you time on course prep.

Increases Engagement

Junction is built around how today’s students learn. Discussion boards, practice activities, user-to-user messaging, note-taking and more encourage active participation without pop-ups, downloads, links out or other potential distractions.


Junction courses begin at less than $50 per student per course, a savings of 60-80% over alternatives.

Learning Insights

Analytics that provide insight into student engagement and learning progress. Junction Beacon, our proprietary early warning system, is included at no additional charge.


Students Rating Junction as More Effective Than Alternatives

Students Average Study Time Per Week in Junction (mins)

Millions Served

Junction For Content Providers


Easy to Use Authoring

Easily include videos, slides, flashcards and textbook content transforming your materials into complete courses.

Wide Range of Outputs

Deliver a range of alternatives at different price points to your customers from enhanced ebooks to assignment and assessment all the way through fully adaptive online courses with real-time video office hours - all by flipping a few switches.

Simple to Support

Intuitive design combined with turnkey LTI integration, online FAQ's and help videos combine for low support requirements.

Faculty and Students Love Junction

Four out of five students prefer taking courses on Junction over any other learning platform.
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